SWIMMING ---️ Swimming is one of the overall most beneficial sports that can be done for the body & mind. Not only the low impact on joints and requirement of breath control, along with the resistance and endurance required of the body, the solo silence of swimming can be greatly beneficial for your mind and INNER PEACE.

Benefits of Swimming that YOU can Gain :

ATTITUDE : Boosts mental health and Mood.

HYPERTENSION : Keeps blood pressure low.

DIABETES : Maintains proper glucose levels.

METABOLISM : Burns 500 calories per hour.

CARTILAGE : Very low impact on joints.

LONGEVITY : Studies confirm reduction in risk of early death by 50%.

MUSCLE : Strengthens Abs, Arms and Legs among others.

HEART : Reduces risk of heart DIS-EASE.

ASTHMA : Builds lung POWER .

FRAME : Improves Bone Health.

FLEXIBILITY : Keeps Muscles Limber - No impact on joints and the use of such a variety of muscles.

MIND : Replaces dead brain cells. PLUS if you have access to an outdoor pool you get your daily required ️Vitamin D, While improving yourself in many ways. Swimming is an all round amazing workout for all your improvable aspects. Don't be Shy, Do some Butterfly 🦋